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Dog Education Courses

Group lessons

CHF 30.- /hour

Group lessons are ideal for the socialization of the dogs. During these lessons, dogs learn to listen to their owner in the presence of a rich and variable environment.

Private lessons

CHF 50.- /hour

Private lessons are especially recommended in 2 cases :
- for owners of dogs / puppies who have just welcomed their new family member : to start directly with good habits, I recommend taking 1-2 private lessons before moving on to group lessons. This allows to learn the basics of education without distraction with all the attention necessary .
- for dog owners who have one or more problems with their companion. During private lessons, the communication and understanding of the tandem are evaluated and exercises are put in place to make undesirable behaviors disappear.
My goal: to ensure the well-being of the dog and its owner. "

Cours en groupe
cours individuel
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